March 2024

Welcome to Drogo's breeder of Norwegian Forest cats.

Drogo’s Norwegian Forest Cats are a cattery based in Cornwall a few miles from the magnificent rugged north Atlantic coast with it’s sandy beaches, wild landscape plus plenty of places to visit!

Drogo’s is an established small hobbyist Norwegian Forest breeder who's priority is for breeding healthy kittens, true to type and good temperament. Kittens are well socialised when they leave Drogo’s for their new homes having been brought up in a home environment where they become accustomed to the bustle of a family home. When Drogo’s Norwegian Forest kittens leave they are vet checked, fully vaccinated, microchipped and are insured for four weeks.

For the protection of our Norwegian Forest kittens Drogo’s only to sell to INDOOR HOMES, preferably with a catio or homes that have a secure garden that is Norwegian Forest escape proof!