Drogos Litter Q

Date Of Birth:
Champion Old Possums Huntley NFO n 21 (67 20) (NEUTERED)
Sexes to be announced!
Drogo's Quin - Black - Booked.
Drogo's Quethiock - Brown Mackerel Tabby and White - Booked.
Drogo's Quenya - Brown Mackerel Tabby - On hold.

Kittens are sold strictly for pet or show and are not sold for breeding.
When kittens leave for their new homes at 13 weeks they will have been vet checked, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and insured for four weeks.
Kittens will be registered on the non-active register.
Drogo kittens have been brought up within a home environment and are therefore fully socialised.